Mai/12 – World Full Of Mirrors

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01  Thread End
02  Ages Ago    free download
03  Rolling Up My Stone
04  Boundaries
05  Everything
06  Deeper To Fall
07  Furtive Eyes    free download
08  When I Think Of It
09  Horizons
10  Taking Turns
11  Come Over
12  The Extra Mile

Dez/10 – Lifelight [EP]

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01  The Shape Of Things To Come  
02  Soulfire  
03  Through The Darkest Night  
04  Moving Rocks  
05  Everything  

Feb/10 – Bound To Midnight [EP]

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01  Furtive Eyes  
02  Deeper To Fall  
03  Part I  
04  Part II  
05  Bound To Midnight  
06  Doors And Rooms  


B Seiten | Remixe | Livemusic

Moments Of Company (B-Side)
Something On My Mind (B-Side)
Whatever It Takes (B-Side)

Soulfire (Chuck Finn Remix)
Moving Rocks (Chuck Finn Remix)
Furtive Eyes (Donovan Done Remix)

Bound To Midnight (Unplugged)
Part I (subsurfacesession)

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